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Det japanske plejecenter Azarea har stor succes med de japanske Watch Over Sensorer

Det japanske plejecenter Azarea har stor succes med de japanske Watch Over Sensorer

24. april 2018

CareNet samarbejder med Jun Yamaguchi om teknologispredning fra japanske producenter af sundheds- og velfærdsteknologi. Læs med her, og bliv klogere på den japanske Watch Over Sensor samt hvordan plejecenteret Azarea i Japan bruger sensoren

With a watch over sensor, a caregiver could monitor the recipient’s behavior with the silhouette images, respecting his og her privacy and preventing from falling down from the bed and/or leaving out of the bed.

Azarea has been using 5 Watch Over Sensors in bedrooms. Watch Over Sensor is a monitoring system for patient in nursing care home using silhouette images. This system was installed after investigating the Wi-Fi environment and mounting the sensor in the position where the whole bed could be monitored. Watch Over Sensors were introduced for patient who had falling risk and difficulty of walking alone; caregiver wants to notice patient’s behavior before he/she gets off the bed and steps on the floor. Brackets, the parts that fix the sensor to the wall and facilitate the removal of sensor, were mounted on the wall of all bedrooms. The Bracket made it easy to relocate the sensor, so that caregivers were able to make a system that they could choose to watch any 5 rooms out of all 105 rooms. The severity of patient’s symptom varies by day, so they are changing the room to watch by the patient’s condition.

Azarea has started the operation by setting the sensor to detect “Sitting Up” and “Off the Bed” in order to alert caregivers before the patient walks out. Azarea purchased 4 iPod Touches and caregivers always carried the iPod while engaging in service. It brings them to use the iPod to get notification and make judgement whether to hasten the response. In addition, they can verify the situation remotely for guessing when to enter the room of a fastidious patient.

Azarea evaluates the benefit of the sensor particularly for the night shift. In the midnight work hours, they watch many patients with a limited staff and have to clear several notifications at once. Previous tension sensor could only send alerts, but the situation in the room was unclear. When multiple notifications were received at a time, the judgment of priority to treat depended on the experience of caregiver. That was a mental burden, and was one of the most annoying things of care work. Watch Over Sensor can help them to verify the situation with the silhouette images and judge priority. Even in daytime, previous system made them go and check the situation of the room each time they received a notification. Unwanted notifications had a negative impact on work efficiency and hampered the patient’s relaxation. After installing Watch Over Sensor, caregivers can see the situation from outside the room. That helps them not only to reduce count of unnecessary visiting the room, also led to the improvement of patient’s living environment.

Caregivers of Azarea have been reviewing the cases each other. Watch Over Sensor has a function to record the event with the silhouette images. It brings them to prevent accidents and to share information with the visual data. That is more efficient than reviewing with only oral explanations.

Benefits for Recipients

  • The recipient can stay comfortable without being bothered by sleeping on patrol at night and recipient’s privacy can be respected.
  • For recipient’s families who have experienced accidents before, this sensor reassures them to leave their parent at the facility.

Benefits for Caregivers

  • After installing WOS, the count of the caregivers’ visiting the room has decreased by 20%.
  • Caregivers can verify each situation from outside of their rooms and judge priority with confidence.
  • The number of accidents have been reduced by noticing alert before the recipient get out of the bed.
  • WOS records silhouette images of events. Caregivers can share information and review near-accidents.
  • Caregivers can relocate this sensor and choice daily to watch any rooms.

The sensors are manufactured by King Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.


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